Our Stunning Restaurant

scan0182Nathaniel’s – What is in the Name?

Quite a lot really. In 1794 Dr Nathaniel Spens completed the rebuilding of the historic Craigsanquhar House. Craigsanquhar-Sanctuary on a Hill. The house name is still so relevant today. Life is now lived at a furious pace and we like to think that we can bring everyone some sanctuary at our house on the hill above Cupar just a few miles from St. Andrews. Nathaniel’s Restaurant is named after this great man. We have carefully refurbished our restaurant and brought modern elegance and comfort to blend with Dr Spens’s original neo-classical ideas.

Nathaniel’s family name Spens can be translated to mean keeper of the larder and it is Scotland’s larder that we hold so dearly. Nathaniel’s menu changes with the seasons to reflect the natural availability of fine raw materials. All sourced as locally as possible. The provenance of all our food is readily available for you.

Stuart Archibald, our Chef, and his small but dedicated team don’t tamper with nature. Their carefully considered recipes simply enhance nature’s bounty. Stuart cooks in a delightfully simple yet tasteful style.

Nathaniel’s offers lunch and dinner  every day and Nat’s Bar Menu offers the same fresh food in a relaxed fashion throughout the day.

An on-going project is the rebuilding of Craigsanquhar’s walled garden. Here we will produce a wide range of our own fruit, vegetables and herbs. Currently, we are clearing the walled garden with Saddleback pigs and will be producing our first crops later this year! Just as Nathaniel’s household would do.