Mansion House

Our beautiful Mansion House and 36 Acres of Land

craigansquhar_018The house is an imposing mansion set in 36 peaceful acres of gardens and pristine woodland just 6 miles from St. Andrews. Each room has its own unique charm and is furnished in an elegant, yet comfortable style.

Craigsanquhar House is the former family home of the Spens family of Lathallan whose ancestry can be traced back to King Robert III of Scotland and King Edward III of England. The lands of Craigsanquhar belonged to the Spens family from 1385 to 1524. Dr. Nathanial Spens purchased the land in 1792 returning Craigsanquhar to Spens family. The small corner of cut stone to the left of the south front is all that remains of the original tower house which the early Spens returned to live in.


Dr. Nathaniel Spens carried out his first medical studies in the University of St. Andrews and was a keen member of the Kings Body Guard for Scotland Royal Company of Archers. He was the subject of a portrait painted in full dress uniform, by the artist Sir William Raeburn, commissioned in 1791 by the Royal Company of Archers and completed in 1793. 150 copies were made in 1796, one of which hangs in the hotel lobby today, with the original still in the Edinburgh headquarters.

The archery butts to the north-east of the House, and the walled garden adjacent there, remain of this time. The architect of the house as it stands today was William Burn, active in Fife at this time and the architect of many distinguished buildings in Edinburgh. Nathaniel’s initials surmount the entrance doorway and occur again in the carved wooden mantle above the fireplace. The estate remained in Spens family until 1925.